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Our Tutoring Services

We provide tutoring services to people of all ages, levels, and subjects. We come to your home at a time that's convenient to you to make the learning experience as easy as possible.





Our free consultation process creates a programme that is right for your child

An advanced matching system finds a tutor who suits your child’s needs

Personalised tutoring means the curriculum revolves around your child

We support your family every step of the way by checking in regularly and providing weekly session reports

Local Tutors 
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  • Tutoring in the comfort of your home so no travel is required

  • One-to-one learning

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate each family’s busy life

  • Tutoring that is complementary to the students curriculum

  • Individualisation. Each student has different needs

  • Personal customer service, we are dedicated to you

    We personally match tutors with students to ensure the best results

  • Deliver tailored and engaging tutoring sessions, each with a strong purpose

  • Regular feedback- reports prepared after every session

  • Transferable hours within any member of the household

The Tutor Doctor Advantage

Tutor Doctor offers many advantages compared to the traditional “learning centre” tutoring model

At Tutor Doctor we recognise that making a difference in a student’s academic performance involves having an impact on not only their studies, but also the student’s confidence, organisational/study skills, and dreams.

We want to make a lasting difference in our students’ lives.

Get a free consultation and learning assessment!

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Get a free consultation and learning assessment!

Start your journey to success today




First and foremost I want to thank you for the wonderful tutor you found for Domenic.
Since Tara has been spending time with Domenic we've noticed a significant difference, his confidence is starting to show and he is finally starting to enjoy going to school. He looks forward to his learning sessions with Tara, she is a wonderful, caring, outgoing and reliable individual.

Mary Battista, Parent of Domenic

Tutor Doctor has been a great help towards my education. They encouraged me to work harder and gave me advice about my future at university. Thanks to Tutor Doctor I am doing better and succeeding in high school.

Melissa, Daughter of Ronilo and Mel

Armel is great! Everything is going well... Danielle got a math test back (before we started the tutoring) and had a 57. She has since had another test on which she did great. She's raised her overall average considerably… up 20% since we met. Have a great Christmas and New Years, if I don't speak to you.

Carla, Parent of Danielle

I am very impressed with the services that Tutor Doctor has been providing my son. His grades and his confidence have improved dramatically over only 5 short weeks! He has learned skills that have reinforced the school program as well as things that he will be able to use in his future academics.

Irrat Kahloon, Parent of Amesh