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Our Programmes

We assist our students by going back to the foundations and filling in the missing conceptual gaps that are hindering your child’s success.

Our policy, to this day builds on our founder John Hooi’s method and belief in consolidating current expectations to then enable your child to move ahead of requirements. There will always be opportunities to improve the efficiency of learning and to get into great habits and this is what we’re here to do.

Tutor Doctor uses the curriculum and homework the student is currently working with to ensure the most relevant tutoring is provided. We use a variety of well known books and educational materials personally selected for each student dependent on their needs. We also work with the student’s current teacher to ensure that we are meeting the student and teacher’s expectations.

We proudly offer the following private tutoring programmes:

Primary School

Right from an early age your child will be soaking up all that is taught at school at an impressive rate as their brain develops. Often children can be overwhelmed by the experience or can suffer set-backs through illness or learning difficulties that become known at a later stage. It is so important for the concepts and the building blocks to be understood and become second nature. If we try to build on shaky foundations eventually areas of that learning process will fall through the gaps and confidence and grades will take a knock.

Additionally there are certain pupils that stand out as top performers from an early age. To keep them at the peak of their performance it is imperative that they keep their brains active throughout the holiday periods. We have found that those students that are prepared to work for an hour a day a few days a week in their school holidays go back to the new school term ahead of the rest.

Secondary School

Once the student has reached secondary school they have well and truly begun their journey through the maze of subjects and modules. As the learning and level of subjects becomes increasingly complex, many parents find it difficult to assist with homework and look for a dedicated and knowledgeable tutor. Whether it is in preparation for taking their exams or re-sitting to improve upon grades, year 10 students will all have one thing in common: a vision of where they want to be on the results board. Some students aim high and put the work in and others don’t spend enough time revising or focusing on the areas that will increase their marks. Some students simply don’t know where to begin or how to revise. Whatever the reason Tutor Doctor will provide structure, time and goal setting and will work with the student throughout the period to ensure that they are confident and best prepared when they enter the examination room. Examination technique is key. It is imperative that there is sufficient time to answer each question accurately and, with time to spare and check back over earlier answers, silly mistakes can be identified and removed thus improving the overall grade.

In their final years at school (Years 11 and 12) students will begin to set their bearing upon their futures by choosing from an ever increasing array of subject areas and potential vocations. Make no mistake the Higher School Certificate (HSC) is a whole lot more complex than the earlier years and as the students put in more time to understand fewer subjects the discipline of working alone and creating structure to the learning becomes of great importance. As the pace of classes is often rapid we find that although a teacher cannot re-wind time, our tutors can go back over areas as often as the student wishes in order to grasp the point. Learning, to a certain degree, is a function of repetition.

University Degree Courses

We often get asked by under and post graduates if we can assist in certain areas of their coursework for a variety of reasons. Often we find that because of missing foundations to some key areas of their learning they are becoming hampered with the process of understanding and answering questions relevant to their course.

We are able to provide specialists with sector specific knowledge to coach, mentor and support students on most courses.

Mature Students requiring Languages

So much of life centers around communication. As our cultures become more fused and the need to speak each others language in business life becomes of greater importance we look for help.

Many of our students are looking for a second language – Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Thai etc. For many people living in Australia, being able to not only converse well in English but write, understand tenses, verbs, adjectives nouns and generally communicate well is of high importance.

We have ESL tutors available who have assisted many students on a 1:1 basis where learning is enhanced and value for money is evident.

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