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Our Approach

At Tutor Doctor, we are proud to be world class leaders in One-to-One Home Tutoring. For many students the most effective form of private tuition is a face-to-face lesson in the comfort of their own home, but the steps we take help to ensure that this opportunity to learn is optimised to the benefit of the student.

We have a broad team of specialist tutors who we carefully select for their abili ty to engage and connect with their students whilst working within the framework of the Tutor Doctor guidelines and quality control systems. All tutors who work with children are subject to Tutor Doctor’s Tutor Recruitment policy and tutoring guidelines.

Each in-home tutoring programme is custom-designed to meet the student’s specific needs and interests while addressing the underlying foundations of concepts learned. The programme fills in missing bricks of academic structure, consolidates current requirements, and then moves the student ahead of expectations.

“Tutor Doctor was very efficient, organised and personable. High quality tutors were quickly arranged.”

By working collaboratively with students, parents and teachers, Tutor Doctor tutors provide the optimum levels of supplementary, personalised instruction along with the motivation and confidence needed to help students succeed. With a growing market need, and such a superior service offering, it isn’t difficult to see why parents and students find the Tutor Doctor offering so refreshing.

Most importantly before we give you a tutor, we do proceed to give you a FREE HOME CONSULTATION with the family or the student who requires tutoring. The main purpose of the consultation is to understand in detail where and how best we can help. Everybody is different and by meeting the student we can pinpoint what it is that is hindering progress and identify the right type of tutor from the team to best work with the student to help them on their way.

The costs of home tuition depend greatly on the requirement of the student and the number of hours the family or the student may require. Our consultants will come and explain the various prices and packages during the Free Home consultation.

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