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Are You Ready for Back to School? 5 Tips to Help You Get Prepared


It’s almost time to say goodbye to long leisurely days in the sun and get ready for another school year. Returning to the classroom after the summer holiday requires some adjustment, but it doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

These 5 tips will help parents and students start the new school year on the best foot:

  1. Get organised. Leaving everything until the last minute is guaranteed to send stress levels skyrocketing. This can be avoided by stocking up on supplies such as books, stationary and uniforms in the weeks before school goes back. Find out important details such as bus schedules, bell times and pick-up and drop-off points before school returns for a smooth first day back.

  2. Establish good habits early. The start of a new school year provides a perfect opportunity to establish good habits. Parents and kids can set the tone by thinking about how to best make use of time during the first term. Use wall charts and other visual aids to plan out schedules. You can also start putting routines in place in the week before school returns by going to bed and getting up early and eating a good breakfast. Routines are especially important for young children, so it’s a good idea to keep some structure in the holidays. This is also an ideal time to work out household chores for each family member before life gets busy again.
  3. Keep learning going in the holidays. The best way to ensure that the transition back to school is easy is by keeping learning going throughout the break. There are many fun activities that families can do together in the holidays to keep students’ minds alert. It’s helpful to review notes from the previous year and start doing some school work to get the brain focused as the holidays draw to a close. Teachers are happy to provide extra work and there are many resources available online.
  4. Practice relaxation. It’s easy for parents and students to get swept up into a whirlwind of new faces, routines, assignments and extracurricular activities at the start of the school year. When preparing for the first term, don’t forget to factor in some time for relaxation and mindfulness. Even very small children can benefit from taking time out each day to be still and observe the world around them. This helps prevent stress and burnout during the year.
  5. Talk it out. Many people experience anxiety when they are confronted with change, and the new school year can be a daunting time for all family members. The best way to deal with this is by being open about feelings and coming up with some strategies for managing anxiety and fear. Sharing your feelings will ensure everyone is emotionally prepared for the year ahead.

Follow these tips for a productive and successful year!

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