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Which Learning Style Are You? Study Techniques for Auditory Learners

Tailoring your study techniques to suit your style can make learning easier and more enjoyable. Simply reflecting on the types of classroom activities you like will give you a good idea of your favoured learning style. You can also take an online quiz to find out.

The three most common learning styles are:

While everyone uses a combination of learning styles, one is usually dominant. Typically, younger children are taught kinesthetically, then as they progress through school, visual techniques become more common. In later school years auditory techniques are used often in lectures and classroom discussions.

These study techniques will help auditory learners make the most of their learning style.

Be aware of distractions

Auditory learners are very sensitive to sound and work better in quiet environments. This allows them to concentrate on tasks and absorb information. It’s important to have a peaceful study area at home if this is your learning style. Noise-cancelling headphones and relaxing music can aid concentration. In the classroom, auditory learners should be seated away from doors, windows and talkative students.

Make the most of classroom time

Because the most effective learning takes place through listening and talking, auditory learners need to make the most of time in the classroom. This means practicing active listening and joining in class discussions. If you’re an auditory learner don’t be concerned if you take fewer notes than others. People with this learning style tend to have very good memories and retain information differently.

Use technology

There are many excellent tools available to help auditory learners, including digital voice recorders, videos, audiobooks and transcribing technology. If you are struggling to understand a topic or a written text, there’s a good chance someone has made a video on it. Just make sure the video comes from a reliable source. When studying it’s helpful to record yourself reading your notes and play them back. Transcribing software is useful for essay and report writing.

Work with a tutor or study group

Tutoring and study groups are especially beneficial for auditory learners because of the verbal interaction involved. When working with a tutor, students can discuss information and ask questions. In study groups, participants can take turns explaining concepts to each other, reading notes out loud and coming up with jingles and rhymes to help them retain information.

Demonstrate your strengths

There are many benefits to being an auditory learner, and you can demonstrate your strengths by taking part in debates, making oral presentations and participating in group work. In high school, students should choose subjects and assessment tasks that will allow them to shine and display their abilities.

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